Gameweek 12  |  15.05 - 21.05


Game Rules

BIG 7 is our most recent and exciting game giving you the chance to win additional €25 000 in real cash! In the process of playing in some of our Sponsored Tournaments, find time to try this new feature within the InstaGoal universe!

As a participant in BIG 7 every week, you will have the chance to guess the correct score of 7 matches.Suggest the number of goals for each team in the listed matches. You cannot change your guesses once you submit them. You will have to make your choice for all 7 matches in order to submit. These matches will be chosen from any domestic leagues, international or special events matches may also be used. Place your predictions at least 2 hours before the kick off of the first event for the current game week.

If you predict correctly all the matches for the week, you will take the weekly prize of €25 000 ! If you don’t hit all the correct scores, there is also a rewarding system for each correct score. You will get points for the correct scores you made for the Game Week. The points will be distributed as follows:

  • Number of correct scores:
  • 1 -    5 pts.
  • 2 -  10 pts.
  • 3 -  20 pts.
  • 4 -  35 pts.
  • 5 -  55 pts.
  • 6 -  80 pts.
  • 7 - 100 pts.

You can collect the points for the BIG 7 ranking. At the end of each football season the participant with the most points will win a special award! The awards will be announced at the start of the Football Season ( August 2016 )


If more than one player predicts all the 7 matches in any given week correctly the prize pool is split between all the winners!

The final score in a match corresponds to 90’ minutes of play, NOT including overtimes and penalties!

All participants in the BIG 7 must have their accounts filled correctly!

All winning participants will be contacted through both email and phone, so make sure you gave correct contact info!