Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is InstaGoal?

InstaGoal is an innovative betting platform that gives you the chance to win real money without the need of putting your own cash at risk.

Q2: How do I get started?

You need to go through simple registration. Right after entering your details, you are ready to take your journey on site.

Q3: Am I in real bookmaker when visiting

No, there are no money involved. InstaGoal is a game-like platform that gives its users an experience close to the one in a real bookmaker.

Q4: Do I need to deposit money to take part in any of the games?

No, you do NOT have to deposit any money to participate.

Q5: How do I receive my winnings?

All real cash winnings are sent directly to your bank account. Note though, that for some tournaments your prize could be received in different ways. All the needed information can be found in the “Rules” section of each tournament.

Q6: I got my bet wrong. Can I close it?

Yes, you can close your bet at any time before the start of the match. Note, though, that you will suffer a 10% “penalty” of the amount of your bet.

Q7:I have a bet in my betting history that is still standing there even when the match has ended?

This is due to a glitch in the system. Contact the support at [email protected] and it will get fixed immediately.

Q8: Can I take part in more than one tournament at a time?

Yes, you can take part in as many tournaments as you like simultaneously.

Q9: What is the purpose of the 'Betting Tips'’ section and should I follow it all the time?

You are not obligated to follow any of the analyses we provide. The main purpose of the section is to give you another point of view for certain matches.

Q10: When should we expect the full functionality in the ‘Career Account’ section?

Some serious work is put into developing the full functionality of the site, including: Bonuses, Achievements, Experience System and Avatars. These will be ready in shortest terms possible and will be announced on site when ready.
We hate the "Coming Soon" text as much as you !